Banfi Consulting, using their vast technological know-how, expertise, and innovative approaches, helps brands give life to their ideas.
Regardless of your event’s duration, our projects are a firm reminder that good design leaves a lasting impression among attendees. Engaging principles of sustainability, we execute our work with a keen eye for detail through the use of original solutions and technologies.

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Novara bianco e nero

Founded in Novara as an architectural firm, Miglio’s goal is the creation of unforgettable events. The firm began its collaboration with Davide Banfi – himself a leader in the world of communication and event-planning.

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Sermedia Italia, an event-and-exhibition agency, entrusts all of its project creation cycles to the careful supervision of Davide Banfi.

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Together with a professional team of architects and designers, Sermedia Progetti has worked independently on a number of exhibitions.

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Davide Banfi established Banfi Consulting, a firm entirely dedicated to the setting-up of events and exhibitions. The firm, with their collective skills and diverse experiences, consists of both existing and new members (including collaborators), and are fully capable of overseeing all aspects of a project to completion – inclusive of paperwork and sustainability integration.